KABO was originally founded in 1940 as a small weaving factory & was listed on the Egypt public stock exchange ever since.
KABO has then grown into a Governmental organization in 1961 more widely known as El Nasr Clothing &Textiles Co., the largest manufacturer for underwear in Egypt & the Middle East area.
  Unlike most Egyptian garment producers, KABO is a vertically integrated manufacturing operation-starting at the initial fabric knitting stage & ending with a finished, packaged product.
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  Through the years, KABO has secured its leadership position in both the local & international markets with new products for men, women & children of all ages. All sold under numerous reputable labels & trademarks.


  KABO also operates one the most  recognized underwear & lounge-wear brand in Egypt & the Middle East, KABO recently acquired the exclusive rights to operate & sell brand in Egypt, the Middle East as well as the African countries.
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  The long-term knowledge and experience KABO possesses is used for constant product development, today, KABO is specialized in Underwear, Lounge-wear, Intimate apparel as well as sportswear, with more than 50 stores all over Egypt, producing for different retailers & brands in the international market.
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In its continuous quest for providing excellent garments to local & international markets, KABO turned to a joint stock co. since 1997.
Since that time, the company has expanded operations to include a 72,500m2 manufacturing facility at its Alexandria headquarters.
  Recognizing the necessity of expanding and diversifying its activities to effectively meet the growing needs of the market as well as the clients' demands KABO joined in 2005 a vertical integrated group of companies controlling all Egyptian cotton manufacturing process through sister companies.
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  We are committed to taking responsibility, setting priorities & meeting our goals through providing technical assistance, using advanced technology, aiming at prompt delivery, accurate service & establishing partnerships with our customers.
  Our strong experienced executive leadership team is focused on executing KABO's vision & driving shareholder returns.

Your interests & satisfaction are most important to us. Therefore, we are more than glad to receive your feedback and/or Inquiry.


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