In 1927, the trademark for men underwear was created by its founder Andre Gillier by contracting his name. He established Gillier factories in Troyes city in France, the city is considered the French capital of hosiery ever since the 19th century. It was a real evolution in this time when created the first slip with an opening pocket in the side. This famous model was then copied then developed through the years under various names; Kangaroo slip, Jockey, Australian.

Since nearly 80 years, for men underwear deliver comfort & wellbeing for its customers. In 1968, carries out the very first televised advertisement in men underwear history thus creating a small revolution.

As a real specialist in the men underwear field, became a true reference with perpetual innovations. They create thus, the slip for left-handed person, shorts, boxers, strings, modern fiber pants (with lycra, modal, méryl).
To diversify into a better profit margin brand business, the Chinese group, Yangtzekiang, based inHong Kong, purchased the trademark in 1993. products were developed by using labels & exposed waist band elastic.

remains a well known men's underwear brand in France, its products have successfully entered into such famous stores as the Galeries LaFayette. Internationally has also successfully concluded licensee or distribution agreements with companies in Japan, Greece and Russia.

As is considered a national heritage in France, a new French company was re-established in 1996 to carry out the renovation and reorganize distribution.

Ever since its foundation in 1940, KABO has been known, in the Middle East & the Arab countries, for producing high quality Egyptian cotton products under the license of which were supported by technical team in France.

By providing high quality garments KABO has satisfied its customers for a long time and has established an excellent track record of excellence which has helped build a loyal clientele in Egypt & the Middle East area.
KABO has the exclusive rights to operate & sell  brand, the largest distributed underwear & lounge-wear brand in Egypt, the Middle East & the African countries.

product known for men underwear previously targeting a middle aged fashionable male with a conservative but innovative design is now targeting men, women & children of all ages. Now a group of talented designers is working hand to hand to produce new collections balanced between basic and fashionable items.

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