Dyeing Area: 2,960 m2
     Fabric preparation area: 2,340 m2
     Employment: 150
     Daily Production: operating 24 hours a day, with a daily production capacity of 20 Tons
     Machinery: 42 machines

From the fabric preparation through the pre-treatment and dyeing to the final finishing our goal is         to offer an unlimited choice of colors and finishes in a timely and cost effective manner which                fulfills all requirement and expectations of our customers.
We can dye and texturize your fabric to meet your custom specifications in our wet processing      facility.
Various quality control tests are conducted upon completion of the dyeing process to verify (color      matching, fabric weight, shrinkage, piling, color fastness, crocking,…etc)
Capable of producing Piece & yarn dyeing.
Specialized in producing double mercerized fabrics formed from combed gazed & mercerized       80/2 yarns.



Dye House Machines QTY Capacity KG
Reversing fabric before dyeing 1
Bleaching machine
1 150
Dyeing machines
1 300
2 200
1 35
1 13
Washing machine 2 400
Squeezing Machine (Ballon) 3  
Squeezing machine (center fuge) 1
Drying machine 2

Compressive Shrinkage calendar 3
Compactor calendar 1
Slitting 1
Thermosetting for open width 1
Thermosetting for tubular 1
Inspecting dyed fabric 2
Dyeing & bleaching yarns 2 70Kgm / Machine for dyeing
100Kgm / Machine for bleaching
Garment print 1 6 color
Dryer for garment print 1
Mercerizing machine 1
Socks Machines for women socks
Socks Machines for men socks
Drying machine for yarns 1


  In its quest to reach international standards of high quality production & timely delivery using environmentally friendly materials our dye house possesses its own highly equipped laboratory operated by qualified engineers and technicians as an integral part of the production process, this enables KABO to produce lab dips of most concentrated colors in less than 48 hrs.

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