KABO is one of very few global vertical manufacturers that develop and produce finished garments, this ensures quality from the beginning till the end of the process.

Being able to manufacture and deliver bulk orders in a given time frame in addition to our prompt after sales service makes us the preferred business partner for clients around the world.

We take extreme pride when we say that we provide premium quality garments with competitive prices.

pointofstrenghth activities
     Location: Center of Alexandria
     Area: 72.400 m2
     Vertical Integerated Manufacturer
     Capacity: 5.000 dozen / day   (2010)
                        7.000 dozen / day   (2011)
                        10.000 dozen / day (2012)
     Manpower: 4.700 skilled employee
     Retail chain network all over Egypt
                       Knitting (flat & circular)
                       Wholesale & Retail
     Kind of Production: All kinds of knit wear for men, women & children
     Fabric Composition: 100% combed cotton
100% carded cotton
100% Polyester
100% Viscose
100% Modal
Cotton / Polyester blends
Cotton / Modal blends
Wool / Polyester blends
Wool / Acrylic / Cotton blends
In addition to any blended fibers as per customers' requirements
     Kind of Fabric: KABO produces all kinds of knitted fabrics such as:
Single Jersey, Rib, Interlock, Pique, Fleece, f/terry, feeder stripe
     Sampling lead time: 10 working days
     Production lead time: Average Lead time 6:8 weeks with possibility of shorten lead time, catering re-order & replenishment min. per style, per color

occupies approximately 72,500 square meters distributed as follows:

Description Size
Knitting building 6,800 m2
Dye House 2,960 m2
Fabric preparation 2,340 m2
Print House 2,340 m2
Sewing building 31,990 m2
Training 990 m2
Warehouses 17,930 m2
Management building 7,120 m2
 72,470 m2

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